Deaf News: MP signs a question in Parliament asking for BSL Act

By Editor The Royal Association for Deaf people has said it was delighted to see Dawn Butler (MP for Brent Central) raise a […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Read: Kevin Davies leads charge for Great Britain deaf team to be heard (via Sky Sports)

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Lianne Herbert: Do deaf earphones exist?

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Vera Brearey: My blocked ears saga

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Nick Beese: Working with sign language/English interpreters

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Watch: Molly Watt’s vlog about the assistive tech she uses every day

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Bilateral tinnitus is hereditary

Researchers have been able to demonstrate the hereditary nature of certain forms of tinnitus. …read more Via:: Medical News Today       

Teresa Garratty: What we miss when we email, text or message people

By Editor The pen is mightier than the sword and when you’re deaf that can sometimes be a big problem… I grew […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Watch: Hip-hop meets sign language (via BBC)

By Editor A video (with subtitles) on the BBC News website shows how a Turkish rap band is looking to combine hip-hop […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

COMIC: Help with our research into autism in deaf children (and get an Amazon voucher!)

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