Bilateral tinnitus is hereditary

Researchers have been able to demonstrate the hereditary nature of certain forms of tinnitus. …read more Via:: Medical News Today       

Teresa Garratty: What we miss when we email, text or message people

By Editor The pen is mightier than the sword and when you’re deaf that can sometimes be a big problem… I grew […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Watch: Hip-hop meets sign language (via BBC)

By Editor A video (with subtitles) on the BBC News website shows how a Turkish rap band is looking to combine hip-hop […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

COMIC: Help with our research into autism in deaf children (and get an Amazon voucher!)

By Editor Did you know there are currently no suitable assessments for Autism in deaf children? This is worrying because Autism Spectrum Disorder […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Emily Howlett: Learning to ‘sing’ for my performance in last night’s episode of the BBC’s Inside No. 9

By Editor To watch Emily in Inside No.9, go to the show’s website here. I don’t sing. Ok? Ever. I had two […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Go See: Borough Market’s BSL cookery demo for Disabled Access Day – this Saturday!

By Editor This is a sponsored post from London’s Borough Market. Disabled Access Day is a nationwide initiative, designed to celebrate venues […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Light shed on evolutionary change in bones of middle ear of non-mammals, new study reveals

Researchers at King’s College London have begun to uncover the cellular and molecular drivers underlying a key anatomical change during the evolution of mammals. …read more Via:: Medical News Today       

Watch: Stand-up comedy from Deaf comedian Ace Mahbaz

By Editor Ace Mahbaz, who is a very talented all-round Deaf performer, has released a brilliant clip of stand up comedy, called […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Number of people in US with hearing loss expected to nearly double in coming decades

In a study published online by JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Adele M. Goman, Ph.D., of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., and colleagues used U.S. …read more Via:: Medical News Today       

Juliet England: The bus driver offering one more example of the daily grind of prejudice

By Editor I caught a bus into town the other evening to go to a meeting of my writers’ group. (This is […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken