What to know about otomycosis

Otomycosis is a fungal infection in the outer ear canal, usually caused by the Aspergillus fungus. It can be painful, causing inflammation, flaking skin, and ear discharge. Otomycosis usually responds well to antifungal eardrops or creams. Learn about otomycosis here and how it can become chronic. …read more Via:: Medical News Today       

Juliet England: The ‘Not a Problem’ problem

By Editor The mortgage ‘consultant’ (from my current lender) had already done her best to wind me up in a string of […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Update to privacy policy

By Editor With the new GDPR regulations coming into effect on 25th May, we have updated our privacy policy. You can read […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Deaf News: Pregnant Deaf woman and hearing dog allegedly punched on plane

By Editor Numerous news outlets are reporting on a case where a Deaf woman and her hearing dog were allegedly punched by […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Rebecca-Anne Withey: The hardest thing for me – as a Deaf parent to a Deaf child 

By Editor It was daunting last year when I navigated choosing schools for the first time with my son. Selecting the school, […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       


By Deaf Unity Back in May 2016 we published an article entitled How is Deafness Affecting Your Mental Health? The heartfelt responses to the information showed us that mental health in the Deaf Community is a subject that […] …read more Via:: Deaf Unity       

Emily Howlett: A little bit of Deaf Awareness goes a long way

By Editor Firstly, let me start by agreeing with what you are thinking; this is nothing new. Time and again, the d/Deaf […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Wayne Barrow: BSL vs SSE – The Big Debate

By Editor For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself before I give you my honest opinions. My […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Deaf News: Disabled candidate election fund restored… for one year

By Editor Disabled would-be MPs have forced the government to restore a disabled candidate election fund, but the Fund will only run […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken       

Read: Deaf-specialist teachers are a lifeline – the state must not cut them (via The Guardian)

By Editor The Guardian has published a comment article by freelance journalist Josh Salisbury about the importance of Teachers of the Deaf […] …read more Via:: The Limping Chicken